When working with Transform (.mst) files in InstEd, most file operations relate to the transform file. This is different to Orca, where transform file operations are activated through the Transforms menu.

For example, to save a transform, use the File->Save menu option.

However to create a new transform, you must have open the base msi (with or without transforms applied), and then use the Transform->New Transform menu option.


Applying Transforms

If an msi file is open, a transform is applied using the
Transform->Apply Transform menu option.

Multiple transforms can be applied to the same msi, and they will be "chained" so that the cumulative effects are displayed. However only the changes made by the most recently applied transform are highlighted. In addition, all file operations apply to only the most recent transform.

Removing Transforms

Transforms can be removed from the chain using the
Transform->Remove Transform menu option. This removes the most recent transform.

Transform Errors

Transforms consist of a list of changes to be made to an msi. If a change in the transform is not valid for an msi to which it is applied, then a dialog box will show asking if InstEd should continue to apply the transform.

An example of a transform error would be: the transform specifies to remove a row from the msi, but the msi doesn't contain the specified row.

A consequence of continuing, is that saving the applied transform will lose all incompatible changes from the transform file. This may or may not be desirable. All changes visible in InstEd will still be saved into the transform.

Transform Properties

These are accessible from the Transform->Properties menu option. Here requirements can be specified for the msi that the transform is applied to. And suppression of transform errors can be specified.

Saving Transformed Files

InstEd can save the active file, complete with all changes applied by chained transforms, to an msi file using the
Transform->Save Transformed menu option.

Transform Base

By default, InstEd will hightlight the changes that the last transform makes. From version on, it is possible to change the transform base (Transform->Change Transform Base...). This will change the point in the chain that marks the base file for highlighting changes. For example, if three transforms are applied in the chain, chnaging the transform base to the original msi will highlight all changes made by all transforms. Changing the base to the first msi in the chain will highlight only the changes made by the final two transforms. 

As well as highlighting, the selected transform base affects the "Revert to base" functionality.